to the lighthouse

2nd post for the day because why not.

I’m ashamed to say that I did not finish this book (or read it carefully) when it was assigned to me as part of my class a year ago. But I am so very glad I picked it up again. It speaks of a family, the Ramsay’s, and their long and winding journey to the lighthouse that James Ramsay, the youngest son, so very much wants to go to. It ends with the Ramsay’s finally reaching the lighthouse. But in between it is peppered with stream-of-consciousness style writing detailing the fleeting (yet profound and moving) moments of everyday life, and the ever-changing nature of one’s feelings and thoughts. The book is lovely. If the book were a time of the day, it’ll be exactly like the one shown on the cover above. The late afternoon haziness and brightness, the almost sleepy, lazy happiness is captured in this lovely novel. I love that this book champions the everyday life. For one’s life to have been something, it need not be grand and heroic and exhilarating– the book weaves its narrative around the seemingly insignificant moments that are, years afterwards, we find to have been deeply etched into our minds. A 10/10 read, I am excited to start on her other works!


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